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The temperature metrology lab is equipped with highly precise instruments that are used to calibrate thermometers, temperature sensors, and other devices used for Temperature measurement. These calibrations are crucial to ensure accurate readings, traceable to international standards. The lab establishes and maintains measurement standards, traceable to National and International metrology institutes. We ensure that all temperature measurements are traceable to recognized standards, promoting consistency and reliability across different measurement devices. Our temperature lab is SANAS accredited and follows the guidelines of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for testing and calibration laboratories.

We cover a wide range of temperature calibration which includes the following:

  • RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors): Calibrating RTDs involves verifying their accuracy and precision in measuring temperature through their resistance change. This process ensures their reliability in various applications.
  • Thermocouples: Calibration of thermocouples involves verifying their ability to precisely measure temperature by using the thermoelectric properties of different metals. Calibrations ensure accurate readings and performance.
  • PT100 Probes: These platinum resistance thermometers are calibrated to ensure their accuracy and adherence to specified standards.
  • Handheld Thermometers: Calibrating handheld thermometers involves verifying their accuracy and performance across a range of temperatures, ensuring reliable readings in various environments.
  • Simulation of Temperature for Thermocouples and RTDs: Our laboratory has controlled temperature environments to simulate various temperature conditions, verifying the performance and accuracy of thermocouples and RTDs.
  • Thermocouple Probes: Calibration of individual thermocouple probes ensures their accuracy and consistency in measuring temperature, especially in industrial or laboratory settings.
  • Metrology Wells and Dry Blocks: These are calibrated to provide accurate and stable temperature control and measurement within these systems, often used for calibrating other temperature measurement devices, such as RTDs and thermocouples.
  • Liquid Baths: Calibration of liquid baths ensures precise and consistent temperature control and measurement within these systems, often used for calibrating thermometers and sensors.
  • Temperature Loggers: Calibration of temperature loggers involves verifying their accuracy in recording and monitoring temperatures over time, ensuring reliable data for various applications.
  • Infrared Termometers: These devices are calibrated to ensure their accuracy in non-contanct temperature measurements, important in industries lik manufacturing, food processing and medical applications.
  • Calibrators: Calibration of temperature calibrators ensures they provide accurate and stable reference temperature for testing and callibrating other instruments and devices.

Temperature Metrology